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It all started with a couch. With aspirations to inspire, Karlee set out in 2013 armed with old church pews, beautiful doors and dressers, and some gorgeous vintage furniture. In 2014, she moved alllll her stuff to a dilapidated mid-century warehouse on Summer Ave, and by February 2015, after months of restoration, it became the Propcellar forever home.

September 2014 became pivotal in the Propcellar timeline when Karlee’s right hand gal, Nicki, joined the team. Hired for her retail inventory management and sales background, she has been an invaluable leader due to her willingness to “get in the trenches” and skillfully manage the chaos that is events. Nicki is a logistics ninja who handles even the minute details with ease. What’s more? She is caring, kind, smart, and funny. You will LOVE her!

The Team

Karlee Hickman
Head Chick in Charge

With a background in fashion, interior design, merchandising and marketing, Karlee breathes inspiration into each Propcellar event. Think vintage meets modern with a strong dash of kickass. While her official title is “Head Chick In Charge”, we all know who really runs the show around here. Nicki. Nicki runs the show.

Nicki Cunningham

Her experience in retail, management and sales makes Nicki the perfect detail diva and chaos wrangler to flawlessly execute your event vision. She’s our sparkly sneakers on the ground here at Propcellar.

Mark Hickman
No-nonsense Numbers Guy

Mark, the man behind the ladies, wears a lot of different hats. He also has a pretty decent t-shirt collection. Mark is the silent partner who handles a bunch of stuff and is rarely silent—he can’t resist a great zinger.