Prop Rental
A Memphis event venue with more than 10,000 square feet of mid-century warehouse wonderful. Weddings, parties, special events, photoshoots, and everything between have found a home at Midtown Memphis's favorite venue.
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Prop Rental


We’re proud of Memphis’s creative community, and we want to share our space with as many of you as possible. Our studio memberships allow photographers to have regular access to Propcellar for creative projects without needing to lease their own dedicated studio space. Drop-dead gorgeous natural light, abundant space to get creative with, and an unparalleled selection of vintage and antique props round out of the deal. It’s the perfect way to take your photography business to the next level.



How It Works


Studio members pay a monthly fee (starting at $X), and this gets you the space for six hours a month. Studio time must be reserved ahead of time.


What’s included?


Info goes here. (Can they use Propcellar’s props, for example?)