Early 1800s Swedish Mora-style Floor Clock by G. Hörlin of Christianstad, Brand Marked

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Early 1800s Swedish Mora-style floor clock by G. Hörlin of Christianstad, brand marked. With the distinctive hourglass shape of the Mora clock, the graceful curves of its belly and head complement the warm wood tone and simple, painted clock face of this piece.


Mora clocks were handmade from the late 1700s to 1850, initially in the Mora area of the central Dalarna region of Sweden. As the design caught on in popularity, each region manufacturing the clocks developed their own unique styling, from the classic country clocks with simple hand painted details in the Mora region to the wildly decorative folk art bridal clocks of Jamtland, with intricate carvings of flowers, leaves, and bridal crowns. As the fashion for the Mora clocks spread throughout Sweden, they began to be created by individual craftsman, usually to order, which is why you can never find two that are exactly alike. Typically, the simpler versions were given as wedding presents, with the newlyweds receiving a clock, bed and dowry chest cupboard to start their married life. The date of the ceremony is hand-painted on the front.