1800s Swedish Unfinished Pine Chest of Drawers

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1800s Swedish unfinished pine chest of drawers. This dresser is special merely because of it's age and history, but what really makes it stand out are the handcut details such as the carved design of the bottom trim and legs and dovetailing of the corners of the base. Hand cut dovetailing--fantastic! The top is rectangular with a beveled edge, which is coplemented by the gentle outer curved edges of the top and bottom drawers, as well as the classic carved details of the trim outlining the middle two drawers. While the four roomy drawers will provide plenty of functional storage space, the luminous Scandinavian pine wood of the piece will dazzle the eye. This dresser is the epitome of simple, graceful, and practical Swedish design and would feature well in almost any room with an array of comeplementary colors palettes. 


 H 37" W 33.9" D 18.9"