Incredibly Stylish Antique Kitchen Sofa with ornate carving details, early 1900s

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Sturdy and incredibly stylish, this fine-looking kitchen sofa from the early 1900s adds a touch of class and sophistication to any room. Comfy upholstered seat and ornate carving details make this antique a true treasure.


The kitchen sofa is a hallmark piece of most Swedish homes for hundreds of years. They can be found in all types of homes, from noble estates to rustic country cottages. As gorgeous as they are useful, most kitchen sofas offer storage beneath the bench seat and even pull out to transform to an extra sleeping spot. Once used by kitchen staff for rest, they now serve many roles in a Swedish home, not the least of which is a focal point for family time. Offered as is.


H 45"
W 72.5"
D 24"