Swedish Pine Marriage Trunk with Gorgeous Wood Graining, Dovetail Details & Original Hardware, ca. 19th Century

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Swedish pine marriage trunk with gorgeous wood graining, dovetail details & original hardware. Based on the materials, wonderful patina, and construction methods used, we're estimating this piece to be from the 19th century. The Scandinavian pine wood almost glows it's so luminous and the natural wood graining pattern really shines through because of it. Distinctive detail to notice as well are the dovetailed corners and edges of this dowry chest. The hardware, handles, lock, and lid knob are all original, though it looks like some newer screws may have been added at some point. Interior features a lift out drawer that lays across the entire width of the piece and has one center divider. This folklore trunk would add classic charm to any home whether its used for storage or merely as decoration.


Swedish "kista" trunks were once given as a gift to a marrying couple and would be filled with all the necessities for married life, such as special linens, family keepsakes, and so on. Often you'll find them hand-painted with both the date and the initials of the betrothed couple. In modern times, dowry trunks work well as hope chests, occasional and coffee tables, attractive and interesting storage, or as a conversation piece in any room or foyer. 

H 23" W 42.25" D 21.25"